Services and Facilities

Center of Academic Resources (Central Library)

The Center of Academic Resources is located in the Maha Theerarajanusorn Building. It consists of 6 units: the central library, the national documentary center, the audio-visual center, the international information resources service, the art gallery, and distance learning network (CU-GDLN). All the six units provide services on every form of information resources, i.e. books, periodicals, printed matters, database, audio-visual materials, and electronic materials. The students can also access the CU cyber zone for Internet search on the second floor.International students also become members of Chulalongkorn University Library Network or CHULALINET since their entrance registration. They are entitled to make use of all libraries under the coverage of Chulalongkorn University Library Network as well as borrow library materials according to the library rules. The students automatically renew their membership at each semester’s registration. Undergraduate students can borrow up to five books for two weeks. Master Degree students can borrow up to seven books for two weeks. The fine of three baht is applied for every one-day late return. The service hours of the center is 9AM – 9PM from Monday to Friday and 9AM – 4PM on Saturday. Students are also welcomed to access CU Digital library for searching information resources at the center’s website www.car.chula.ac.thhFor any further queries on academic resources and services, please contact the Center of Academic Resources at (662)218-2905.

Consultancy for students and student development

The university provides psychologists and psychiatrists to students who may face with problems related to their studies, their adaptation to their environment, their family. This service is open according to the following schedule:

  • Monday 10AM – 12AM 
  • Tuesday 10AM – 12 AM, 13AM – 15AM
  • Wednesday 10AM – 12 AM 

Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice.

The psychologists and psychiatrists meet the students on the above schedule at the Office of Student Relations, which locates on third floor, Chulachakrapong Building (tel. (662)218-7051)

In addition, the university also offers personality development sessions in various forms using group therapy, thus making it possible for students to improve their personality. For further information, please contact the office of Student Relations.

Health Unit

The CU Health Unit is located at CU Stadium. It offers primary treatments to the university staff and students by one permanent doctor and a visiting doctor from Chulalongkorn Hospital . The unit is open from Monday to Friday, 9.30AM – 3.30PM .

If students encounter a more serious illness, it is necessary to meet a doctor at Chulalongkorn Hospital , which locates at the corner of Henri Dunant Road

CU Book Shop

CU Book shopM consists of two large, convenient, modern store branches on campus: at Sala Phra Kieo (near the faculty of Economics), and at Siam Square (1 st floor, Wittayakit Building). The bookshops provide customers with a variety of books in both Thai and foreign languages, CD ROM, magazines and other educational medium. Students can show their student ID card to receive a 10% discount (except for certain items i.e. magazine).

Open time:

Sala Phra Kieo branch: 

8AM – 7PM on Monday – Friday
9AM – 4PM on Saturday

Siam Square branch : 

10AM – 8PM on Monday – Friday 
9AM – 8PM on Saturday – Sunday

Website: www.chulabook.com

CU Co-operation Store

CU co-operation store, run by student committee, is a place where student can buy stationery, accessories or any necessity at a very low price. The store also provides university product such as uniform and accessories, university souvenirs etc. The main branch of CU co-operation store is located at Sala Phra Kieo, the second branch is situated on ground floor, Barommarajakumari Building.

Open time:

Sala Phra Kieo branch: 

7.45AM – 6PM on Monday – Friday, 
9AM – 2PM on Saturday

Barommarajakumari branch: 

7.45AM – 5PM on Moday – Friday

Sports Facilities

Chulalongkorn University offers a number of sports facilities for students to maintain good health. The sport facilities include:

  • Chulalongkorn Stadium – this outdoor stadium, with 25,000 pax. Capacity, is ideal for football, hoggy , rugby and aother outdoor sport. It is open from 7AM – 5PM from Monday to Friday. Contact the stadium at (662)218-2834
  • Indoor Sport Gymnasium – this gymnasium is housed in the multi-purpose building. The facility for sports such as Sepak Takraw, volleyball, basketball, tabl tennis, badminton, judo, boxing, gymnastic etc, is available. It is open from7AM – 8PM on Monday to Friday and 7AM – 6PM on Saturday. Contact the gymnasium at (662)218-2878
  • Tennis Court – there are 10 tennis courts with full light operation, knock boards for self-practice are also available. The court opens from 7AM – 9PM daily except public holidays. Contact the court at (662)2182839
  • Swimming pools – there are two swimming pools, 25-metre and 50-metre.
  • The 25-metre pool, within a few walks from the indoor sport gymnasium, contains 6 swimming lanes, opens from 8.30AM – 6PM daily except public holidays. Contact tel. (662)218-2879.
  • The 50-metre pool, located near Sala Phra Kieo, contains 8 swimming lanes, opens from 8.30AM – 6PM daily except public holidays. Contact tel. (662)218-7094.
  • Fitness and body training facility
  • Weight Training Room, located at Chulalongkorn Stadium, is fully equipped with barbells, weight lift etc.
  • Physical Fitness Testing Room, located on the second floor of Chulalongkorn Stadium, offers a variety of fitness testing machines for muscular fitness, blood circulation, lung capacity, fat percentage etc.
  • Fitness Room, located on the third floor of Chulalongkorn Stadium, is an air-conditioned gym. It provides both single-station and multi-station machines that serve to exercise all body parts. 

Please contact (662)218-2843, (662)218-2844 for more information.

CU Sports Shop

The shop is located on the first floor of Chulalongkorn Stadium, opposite the Indoor sport gymnasium. The products include sport outfits and souvenir sport accessories. It opens from 8AM-5PM from Monday to Friday. Contact telephone number (662)218-2848.