Associate Professor
Dr.Chalermpol Leevailoj



D.D.S. (Honour)-Chulalongkorn University, Thailand(1994)
Certificate in Operative Dentistry-Indiana University, USA (1997)
M.S.D.-Indiana University, USA (1998)
Certificate in Dental Materials-Indiana University, USA (1999)
Diplomate of the American Board of Operative Dentistry-The United States of America (2000)
Fellowship of Thai Royal college of dental surgeon of Thailand-Thailand (2003)

Research of Interest

1. Leevailoj C, Platt JA, Cochran MA, Moore BK. In Vitro study of fracture incidence and compressive fracture load of all ceramic crowns cemented with resin-modified glass-ionomer and other luting agents.  J Prosthet Dent 1998;80:699-707
2. Leevailoj C. Cochran MA, Matis BA, Moore BK, Platt JA. Microleakage of Packable resin composite with and without flowable composite. Oper Dent 2001;26:302-307.
3. Leevailoj C et al. Influence of storage conditions of bonding agent on the shear bond strength of resin composite to dentine. J Dent Assoc Thai 2002;52:314-321.
4. Leevailoj C, Ua-wutthikrek P, Poolthong S. Shear Bond Strength of Dual-cured and Self-cured Resin Composites to Dentin Using Different Bonding Agents and Techniques. Operative Dentistry 2007; 32(2): 149-159.
5. Tantbirojn D, Poolthong C, Leevailoj C, Srisawasdi S, Hodges JS, Randell RC. Clinical evaluation of a resin-modified glass-ionomer liner for cervical dentin hypersensitivity treatment. Am J Dent 2006; 19(1): 56-60.


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