Assistant Professor Dr.
Rangsima Sakoolnamarka



D.D.S.   (Dentistry)  Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Cert.   (Operative Dentistry) Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Ph.D.    (Dental Science)  University of Sydney, Australia



Research of Interest

1. Sakoolnamarka R, Burrow MF, Tyas MJ.  Micromorphological study of resin-dentin interface of non-carious cervical lesions. Oper Dent J 2002; 27 (5): 493-499.
2. Sakoolnamarka R, Burrow MF, Swain M., Tyas MJ.  Microhardness and Ca: P ratio of carious and Carisolv treated caries-affected dentine using an ultra-micro-indentation system and energy dispersive analysis of x-rays--a pilot study. Aust Dent J 2005; 50(4): 246-250.
3. Sakoolnamarka R, Burrow MF, Prawer S, Tyas MJ. Raman spectroscopic study of noncarious cervical lesions.  Odontology 2005; 93(1): 35-40.
4. Sakoolnamarka R, Burrow MF, Tyas MJ.  Interfacial micromorphology of three adhesive systems created in caries-affected dentin. Am J Dent 2003; 16(3): 202-206.
5. Sakoolnamarka R, Burrow MF, Kubo S, Tyas MJ.  Morphological study of demineralized dentine after caries removal using two different methods.
Aust Dent J 2002; 47(2): 116-122.
6. Sakoolnamarka R, Burrow MF, Prawer S, Tyas MJ.  Micromorphological investigation of noncarious cervical lesions treated with demineralizing agents. J Adhes Dent 2000; 2(4): 279-287.
7. Sakoolnamarka R, Krinpakdee N, Bannakij T.  Comparison of microhardness of caries detector dye stained and unstained dentin. Int Chin J Dent 2006; 6: 49-52.
8. Kritopakan K, Sakoolnamarka R, Poolthong S.  Biaxial flexural strength of restorative resin composites. CU Dent J 2006; 29: 1-12.
9. Wattanasukchai P, Sakoolnamarka R, Arksornnukit M. Bonding to root canal dentin using different dentin adhesives. Am J Dent; In press.


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